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Career Counselling

  1. Five critical factors while making career choices are:

  • Individuals interests
  • Career Values
  • Personality
  • Learning Style
  • Skills & Abilities

  2. Career counseling helps to identify these five critical factors and  

      help the individual choose the right career path through:

  • Comprehensive Career Test
  • Career Counselling by Expert Counsellor
  • Comprehensive Career Report

Project INC Sarvashiksha is developed by career counselling experts form India and world's leading education institutes and is a result of extensive research and development work put in by the DIRECT ADMISSION officials. It's is a platform from where we can contribute to the betterment of the nation simply by empowering its youth population. This can only be done when we start to work from grass root level, harnessing skills and shaping talents at the very initial state. Starting from schools, where any student learns his first set of values, know about ethics and develops his though and mindset.

This project has been architected to empower the population of young generation that is going to be leaders of tomorrow for our nation. Under INC Sarva Siksha is a very advanced level online psychometric career assessment test that has been drafted to cater to the career counseling need of every youngster who can benefit from it at any career point he might be at. It is called Career Assessment Planning, Counseling and Guidance Test (CPCG) is a Department of Science and Technology, Government of India recognized, online psychometric test that evaluates a personís personality based on five factors, namely, orientation style, personality traits, aptitude profile, interests and emotional quotient.

A child is assessed on the basis of if heís an extrovert or an introvert, if he works more on the basis of sensing or act on intuitions, of heís more of a thinking type or feeling type orientation style and at the last, if he perceives more or judge more.Thus he/she knows, which career path will be a best fit in accordance with my personality. Thus they receive a good guidance and confidence level to go with that choice. As itís rightly said, before knowing anything else, first know yourself. Only then, something big in life can be achieved.


About INC Sarvashiksha

To make the outreach of INC Sarvashiksha so wide and culminated directly from the grassroot level that the upcoming youth can get the best out of themselves and the circumstances they have around. If a single child out of a thousand gets benefit from the registration kit, then itís understood that our hard-work bore fruit.

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